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Cincinnati, Ohio Maternity Photographer


Literally the only images of me pregnant

Dont let this be you!!!

Hey, it's me, Erica Griffin, a Black female photographer based in Cincinnati, Ohio. Also a mother of 2, and yes, I know the pain and greatness of the pregnancy journey. But I don't understand why I didn't get professional photos of myself dressed up and feeling beautiful with my baby bump. I would have gone out and developed a Crazy, Sexy, Cool concept for the session if I did. I'm into versatile style, open perception, and grace! Let's face it; I'm an open-minded artist that wants to capture you and your bump in an epic, unique way. You can have the session in your home or the studio. Natural light or artificial, my talents are flexible in providing you with quality, breathtaking images that ease your mind during this life-changing time. We want you to know your elegantly beautiful while carrying your bundle of joy.

How this black female photographer can help you!

Becoming a mother carries many pressures and worrying thoughts and sometimes makes us feel like crap. I'm saying all this to say that it's worth it in the end! Also, it's a life-changing event, and calls for you to capture it before birth this event. Just thinking about planning for a Maternity session can bring a sense of positivity and happiness.

First, you'll check out which Photographer has your type of look in mind; you proceed to contact and book your session! Now you feel ready to start thinking about what to wear and what kind of place you would love to be Photographed. You set up an appointment with your makeup stylist, spend a day looking for that perfect dress, and then you pamper yourself by going to get your hair and nails done. And don't forget the jewelry.

Doing all these things will have you feeling refreshed and powerful. When that day arrives, I send you some encouraging reminders of how you should think before arriving. Only positive vibes come into the studio space. The camera can capture stress, and fake smiles are easy to tell, so when you arrive, arrive with confidence and be you! Session day is your day to shine and to know that this was worth every moment!

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Guide Statement

At Captivated Impressions, we understand your discomfort while carrying your baby. As a Cincinnati, Ohio Maternityphotographer we care about capturing your bump, happiness, and style. We ensure you are well prepared for the session and create a safe space to be you and express yourself. 

4 Step Plan

We Captivate you at first glance; you check out our portfolio and contact us to get started.



We chat and get more information; we create a personalized Proposal, you sign and pay to book, then the excitement of preparing begins!


We go over what to wear, the style you want to pursue, studio choices to choose from, and all this by creating your vision board. Ideas are limitless!


I capture the day of the session; after we review the images you would like, we discuss any add-ons such as prints and products. I edit and send your pictures to your client portal.

Capture your belly 

Agreement Plan

Anything discussed in this session is confidential, no matter what. I let you be yourself as well as guide you through the session. Posing and switching out props will be happening. Although I move quickly, I never pressure you to do anything you don't want to do, and I always ask you whether you have any ideas. During the session, I provide a fun vibe so I can work with getting you to express your natural self. I will always be honest and give a comforting environment.

Failure Statement 

Memories fade, time moves fast, and being able to show this to your children and their children for years to come will bring happiness and a sense of accomplishment. This moment was all about you. Looking back at this will make you feel like you treated yourself with self-love; seeing is believing, and having this type of proof that even though your body changes during this, you can always remind yourself you are beautiful through anything. Tangible images last and are worth every cent in the end. 

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Captivated Impressions, located in Cincinnati, Ohio, offers our pregnant clients the flexibility of style, location, and ability to purchase prints, packagess, and digital. We guide sessions, giving you peace of mind and a stress-free environment. We want you to be comfortable and able to be intuned with yourself and your belly.